Thien Ha galaxy cave

Thien Ha Galaxy Ninh Binh
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The cave lies hidden in the Tuong (General) mountain, in the Trang An mountain. Mount Tuong is considered as a guard posture to protect Hoa Lu of King Dinh and King Le dynasties.

Picture of Thien Ha Galaxy cave

Thien Ha Galaxy cave

The cave has just discovered in 2007 due to its small size gateway and very difficult to find because of tree cover. You will be overwhelmed by the illusion, enchanting of a world of stalactites. Each shape of the stalactites created by mountain stones is called by different names. You will take a boat gliding on the winding Galaxy, endless with layers and layers of stalactites shimmering color, contemplate the island of Fairy, Mother Milk, Fish transform to Dragon… and lost in Fairy realms, immersed with the paradise scenery. The cave has a length of 700 m, including a 200m long dry cave and a 500m long water cave. The Milky Way with many colorful stalactites.

Thien Ha Galaxy map

The Galaxy cave remain mostly untouched with thousands of bats inheritance. Archaeologists also find traces of the ancient Vietnamese with mollusk shell, raw pottery pieces, animal bones and tortoise shell.

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