Thuy Dinh (water palace) route 2

Thuy Dinh was built and renovated many years ago, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains. In Thuy Dinh, there are often artisans performing folk songs of the homeland to serve tourists.

Moreover, in front of Thuy Dinh, there is a mountain like a phoenix spreading its wings to the sky. Thuy Dinh is one of place in Trang An Grottoes boat trip route 2.

Vang cave (Echo cave) Trang An route 2

Hang Vang has a length of 250m. one of crossing place in Trang An grottoes boat trip route 2. According to local people, the name “Vang” comes from the fact that when sailing through the cave, it will create a loud echo. Vang Cave connects Lam valley and Ang La valley, where there is a Kong movie studio and next is Vu Lam Palace, Thuy Dinh (water palace).